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Arvind Juneja

When I was very young my parents told me many stories. One of them - repeated many times - suggested that if someday we would have to move like on the spot, like right now - the first thing they would recover from the house would be photo drawer. They said that you can buy anything in life, but memories are priceless, and so are the photos that carry them. My passion now is to catch some of yours with my lens :) Let me.

I get hired to do private sessions but also to cover corporate needs. Below you can find some of my clients I worked with in 2018-2019. Some are still using my services.

I do

Event Photography

Business Meetings, Sport Events, Conferences, Workshops, Weddings etc.


business, family, private…dogs 🙂

Hybrid shooting

(mixing photo and video).

Live Streams

Professional high quality online live-streams from all kinds of events.